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hello im char im 16 and i draw a lot of shotas

July 28th
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3:08 am

random color palette thingys from today

July 19th
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weeps for 3204 years

weeps for 3204 years

July 13th
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genderbend shinara is HELL YEAH

genderbend shinara is HELL YEAH

July 11th
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6:59 am
Anonymous: char is it weird if i tell you i have a huge friend crush on you and i really wanted to say hi at cosfest but failed because i was too shy also your arts are really amazing and i didn't know there were so many sg ppl on tumblr and this makes me so happy i want to be friends with all of them!!

NO ITS NOT WEIRD AT ALL HELLO sdjfhskdjfa (i’ll bE BOOTHING AT EOY/ICDS IF YOU’RE GOING u can say hi to me there! although im kinda awkward irl) IM GLAD U’RE FINDING FELLOW MEN TO JOIN UR NINJA CLAN 

July 11th
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6:57 am
Anonymous: oh my god you're my age and your art is amazing PLUS you're from Singapore too omg omg omg

omMG HELLO THERE and thank u very much!! ;w;

July 11th
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July 7th
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7:05 am
Anonymous: Hey Char, I really adore your art! I'm from SG too & I was just wondering where you get stuff like stickers printed? : )

yo idk if its like an ok thing to tell ppl stuff like this omg if u come off anon i can tell you!

June 30th
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11:04 am
Anonymous: Will you b at AFA too??

we hope so, if we get the booth then yeah!

June 29th
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9:35 am
Anonymous: Just wondering why your icon is a fish

so im called char and chars are fishes 

June 29th
9:28 am
Anonymous: YOoo I hope to see you at cosfest...!! Your art is really great

YO HOLLA AT ME AT COSFEST!! a na d thank you so much ;;w;;